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About tecc engineering sarl

TECC Engineering Services SARL is a Cameroonian indigenous company that is specialized in Geosciences and Engineering services in the Oil and Gas industry. 

 At TECC Engineering we are result-oriented and dynamic.

Our main services include: Geosciences Services, Engineering Services, Training and Development Services (Human Capital Development) and Software Sales Services.

Our Strength

OUR STRENGTH resides in our manpower and the positive and tech-oriented mindset we have. We believe in the necessity to integrate new technological advancements (Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining – Al&DM, Data Science, Data Analytics, software tools…) to existing conventional methods for more efficient and effective results.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enhance our customer’s productivity by giving ideal solutions that induce operational excellence cost efficiently, through the quality of our services, integrity, reliability and compliance to local and international standards.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the hub of excellence for upgrading asset’s performance in complex industrial environments; as well as the leading solution provider for the Oil and Gas Companies. in Cameroon and the Sub Saharan region of Africa.

1. Continuous Improvement and Innovation: This is the key ingredient to exponential growth.

2. Accountability: We believe in taking responsibility in our actions towards our clients, our team, our community and the government.

3. Integrity and Honesty: We provide high level of sincerity, honesty and loyalty in all we do and at all levels (personal and business wise).

4. Respect: We have the utmost respect for humans, the environment as well as the rules and regulations in place in our industry and government. 

5. Excellence: Anything that is worth doing is worth doing very, very well. High quality services are what we provide.

6. Team culture: Effectiveness and efficiency are always achieved through teamwork, a summation of individual strengths.

7.  Positivity: No matter the season we find ourselves in, we remain positive and optimistic.

8. Empathy: Our business has a human face as well as a human heart.

9. Partnership / Collaboration: We can achieve great things by joining forces with bodies that share the same vision/dream as we do.

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